XboxOne2TB Console is one of one video game that you can do to spend your time. Some people might spend their time on their garden while some others might choose to do sport activities instead. Other great thing that you can do to spend your spare time is by playing video games. These days, video game came in various choices of platform from PC game to mobile game. One of the most popular platforms of video game is XboxOne2TB Console. There are various choices of video game console that you can find on the market these days. One of them is Xbox One Console that is considered as one of the most popular video game consoles that are available on the market these days.

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XboxOne2TB Console Storage

XboxOne2TB Console now that you can find on the market these days. The latest version of Xbox is called XboxOne2TB that came with 2TB hard drive. As one of the most popular consoles these days, XboxOne2TB offers various excellent features that you might not find on other types of video game console. One of the most notable features that you can find in this version of Xbox is definitely its internal hard drive. Compared to other types of video game consoles these days, this new version of XboxOne2TB has bigger capacity of internal hard drive. With 2TB hard drive, you can store more games and memory data on this console.

XboxOne2TB Console Product Features

Xboxone2tb Console FeaturesXboxOne2TB Console video game also came with wireless controller that is equipped with 3.5mm headset jack. Other accessories that came with this console are including HDMI cable, Xbox Live Gold Trial, and AC power cable. The Xbox Live Gold Trial that came with Xbox One is valid for 14 days. There are more than 100 exclusive games that you can play using this video game console. The image quality that is produced by this console is excellent as well. The picture came in 4K Ultra HD quality which makes this console is also suitable for watching Blu-ray movies as well.

XboxOne2TB Console has a great thing about this video game console is its design. The design of this new version of XboxOne2TB came with 40% smaller size compared to its predecessors. This video game console also uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that can produce more luminous and richer colors in video and games so that you will get better experience when using this console to play video game or watching movies. Last but not least, XboxOne2TB Console came with more comfortable controller. The wireless controller that is used on this video game console came with Bluetooth technology and textured grip to improve your experience when playing video games.

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